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July 25th, 2011
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We cover the subjects that are adversely affecting the Body of Christ, such as pornography, STDs (Satanic Transmitted Diseases), masturbation, demonic influences, soul ties and the effects of generational strongholds, same sex relationships, and the solution to live free from all sexual traps by being P.O.R.E. in the spirit. In every seminar that’s been conducted to date, because of the wealth of information provided and the work of the Holy Spirit, lives have been changed, correct decisions are now being made and there have been individuals, young and old, who have made commitments to virginity or celibacy until marriage. Once members are exposed to the TRUTH, their concept of “sex” will never be the same!


The “2V” seminar is a powerful effective tool to combat the false concepts of human sexuality that’s gripped the Body of Christ and has resulted in the flood of unplanned pregnancies, exposure and the contracting of STDs, same-gender relationships, incest, child molestation and even demonic influences and control. The truth must be told in order for freedom to be realized. It’s time to make virginity a priority in the Body of Christ, today!

The 2V seminar is normally conducted over a two day period, however it can be done in one day. It’s a three hour presentation so it’s best done over two even three days. We can also conduct an entire week long emphasis on sexual purity and restoration. 


View a portion of our 2V Seminar.



Let us help make virginity and sexual purity a priority in your congregation, youth retreat, men, women or singles conference. Make your next federation one that celebrates the value of virginity. Their concept of sex will never be the same!

Can they handle the truth?

Our “FAQS”

Q. What is a 2V seminar?

A. It is a powerful tool in the form of “knowledge” designed to expose erroneous information and change the present mindset concerning human sexuality that is present in the Body of Christ. It establishes the biblical concept of human sexuality and exposes the satanic concept that’s been accepted as truth. It’s strait forward, non-compromising non-condemning, honest and actually life changing, it’s unlike any seminar you’ve ever experienced dealing with sexual issues!

Q. What does it cover?

A. It’s a very comprehensive seminar on human sexuality from a Christian perspective.  It covers subjects that should be common knowledge but are not mentioned in most churches. However each seminar can be structured based upon the desire of the pastor or coordinator and the specific need of the congregation. Our presentations are very exact and frank. We present human sexuality as a gift from God that should be valued and used as God ordained.

Q. Who is it for?

A. Our seminar is specifically designed for youth 10 and up, their parents or guardians, and the single population. However the information is beneficial for the entire congregation, especially the leaders.

Q. How is the seminar structured?

A. Our seminar can be tailored for the specific needs of each church or group. It can be a one, two or three day event. Most of our seminars are conducted over a two-three day period.  We offer seminars for mixed groups, male & female, or they can be gender specific. We actually discuss and plan the structure with the coordinator assigned by the pastor of the church or leader of the organization. We use power point to show our presentation and encourage audience participation. This component is very effective when reaching and maintaining the interest of the audience.

Q. What is the goal of the seminar?

A. The goal of each seminar is primarily twofold. First we want to establish that there is a difference between the way the world views and deals with human sexuality and the way God has purposed it. We believe in education, education, education, because of the silence and lack of knowledge about “divinely designed” sexuality in the home and thus in the Church, the wrong principles and concepts have been accepted as reality resulting in the epidemic of unwed mothers and fathers, STDs resulting in untold devastation and demonic influences in the lives and families of those who call Jesus Christ their Lord and Savior. This is no longer acceptable and must be stopped; the ignorance is killing our children!

Second, because of knowledge (light) and the involvement of the Holy Spirit, the goal to get commitments for either virginity or celibacy until marriage by single members of the congregation. We work with the pastor to plan a “2V Commitment Service” ASAP after we get the initial commitments after the seminar. We believe this focus will result in re-dedications and even baptisms for each congregation that host a 2V seminar. Ultimately we want to leave the congregation with the Godly concept of sexuality and solicit a commitment by every member to help combat sexual immorality in any form within the Body of Christ, and loving minister to those who want deliverance from any form of sexual bondage. It’s the knowledge our seminar imparts that motivates compliance to holy lifestyles.

Our over all goal is to provide the information necessary to get the Body of Christ to understand the extreme need for valuing and encourage virginity and abstinence. We believe that virginity is not just about “not having sex”; it is a Christian life style that includes refraining from all forms of sexual immorality, both physically and mentally, and obey the commands of a loving wise creator. It involves the realization and acceptance of the privilege to live in a manner that brings God glory. It includes knowing that every Christian’s body is not their own, but belongs to God because of the precious sacrifice of Jesus Christ. In essence, virginity also involves being converted thus justified in Christ and living each day experiencing the sanctification process because of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

Q. What literature do you use?

A. We use primarily the King James Version Bible, our publications and other documentation pertaining to the subject matter. We also may use handouts depending on the type of seminar presented. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own Bible.

Q. Are your books for sale?

A. Yes, participants are encouraged to purchase their own book(s). The subject matter of the seminar is taken from some of the chapters in the books.

Q. How are you compensated?

A. This is a ministry and our information is from God and inspired by the Holy Spirit. We do believe that a workman is worthy of their hire. Luke 10:7 And in the same house remain, eating and drinking such things as they give: for the laborer is worthy of his hire…

We ask for a honorarium of $500.00 for seminars conducted outside of our local area, however within our local area we request a love offering, and gas reimbursement if outside of the city. We do our best to work within the budget of the sponsoring organization. Since this is a ministry, we rely on the graciousness of our host.

We ask that all travel (@.41 per mile if we drive), and hotel expenses be taken care of by the sponsoring church or ministry if applicable. We can make our own flight and hotel reservations, if needed and inform the sponsor prior to our travel so the expense can be taken care. Airfare and hotels fees must be taken care of prior to our departure. We also ask that an area be made available with an eight foot table, if available, so we can offer for sale our ministry material, i.e. books, DVDs, CDs, curriculums, ministry promotional items and products used to help fund our ministry and educate those  we serve. Sowing into our ministry is always encouraged and welcomed!

Q. How are seminars scheduled?

A.      Email us @ or call (336) 459-3034 with your request for a date. We will contact the appropriate person to confirm the date and establish the type of seminar required by the host church or organization. We schedule our seminar on a “first come, first served” basis. It is recommended that your desired date be confirmed as soon as possible. You can also schedule us online

Q. Does your ministry only offer the 2V seminar?

A. No, we actually have additional seminars & workshops that address specific issues, i.e. how to develop an abstinence ministry, dating dangers, “porn, pain or pleasure”, homosexuality revealed,  sodomizing America, demons and sex. etc…

In addition, instead of just offering the seminar, we want to help the church or organization develop a permanent program to help those who make commitments to be successful. We have created an Sola Scriptura Abstinence Curriculum for teens and young adults that is designed to provide a Biblical world view of the value of abstinence.

This curriculum contains the information that will empower parents, pastors and ministry leaders with the tool needed to educate and establish values and principles that are in harmony with the will of God in regards to sexuality.

Many parents and pastors asked for this type of information in order to continue the educative process started by our seminars, much of the curriculum content addresses the subjects identified as being important elements in the education of our youth and others in the Body of Christ. Over eight years of conducting seminars and workshops have provided insight that’s been invaluable in the development of this curriculum. More information can be obtained by clicking on the link above.

We also have our Bee Wise, Children’s Critical Life Skills Curriculum for children ages 4 and up. This curriculum is designed to empower children to recognize, avoid, and report CSM (childhood sexual molestation). It also establishes the value of and difference in their gender assignment, develops “bible centered”self esteem, personal accountability, and the critical life skills that will help them avoid being victims of CSM or being victimizers of other children.


This is a suggested sequence of the program from beginning to end. This will help each church or organization schedule their 2V seminar and subsequent activities.


1)       Call and get any questions answered about our 2V seminar. A seminar can be scheduled any time the church or organization is ready to go forward.

2)       The time, structure and details of the seminar will be finalized. Talking with the appropriate person or group, i.e. youth or singles ministry leader, can be arranged by the pastor if necessary. The 2V Commitment Service can also be scheduled. This will be helpful so the exact date can be mentioned at the seminar.

3)       After seminar, conduct the 2V Commitment Service.

4)       Establish the 2V support group, meeting times, coordinator(s) etc…

We hope this section answers any additional questions you may have about our seminar.  If there is any question that has not been addressed feel free to either call (336) 459-3034 or email us at We look forward to serve you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!


Yours in the struggle,

Elder Raymond S. King Jr.

Founder Securing Hope Ministry

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