Bee Wise Children’s Critical Life Skills Curriculum

July 31st, 2011
by admin

We are very excited about our newest addition to our collection of resources for the education and edification of those who value sexual purity and the protection of children.

Our “Bee Wise” Children’s Critical Life Skills Curriculum is a vital resource for parents, pastors and children ministry leaders who want to reverse the epidemic of one of the most devastating abuses a child can experience–sexual molestation.

This package consist of the curriculum on DVD, a complete curriculum on power point presentation, on a flash drive, facilitator’s manual and an activity book (not shown), and a children’s companion book (not shown).

(Below is the Bee Wise Activity Book, included in the curriculum not shown in the picture above)

The curriculum will empower each child to develop “God centered” self esteem, appreciate and understand their Biblically based gender assignment, start exercising proper character building habits, know the difference between a “Good Touch” and a “Bad Touch”, and last but not least, know what to do if an inappropriate touch is attempted or molestation is experienced.


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View the video clip below to get a better understand of the danger and reality of this demonic born attack against our children.

More about this critical life skills curriculum

View the video below to learn about the secret pedophile organization and methods used to attract and molest children.

Every parent needs to be aware of this reality!

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